Copperloy Yard Ramps

The quality of equipment has a significant effect on the efficiency and success of freight-loading operations. Above all else, yard ramps and other warehouse equipment should be safe and functional. If these two, simple characteristics aren’t met, the productivity of a facility is likely to decrease as a result. Yard ramps, specifically, are a critical aspect of any facility’s equipment. The average yard ramp undergoes high levels of pressure during the workday. Forklifts travel up and down these yard ramps to loading docks and trucks, maintaining virtually constant activity; thus, yard ramps must exhibit characteristics, which allow them to withstand this workload.

Copperloy designs yard ramps that provide the most durability in the industry. During their sixty years in the industry, Copperloy has been consistently enhancing their yard ramp designs. Furthermore, in comparison to similar equipment, Copperloy dock ramps are much safer, more likely to bolster efficiency, and more capable of resisting the tremendous workload of a typical warehouse workday.

Features of the Copperloy Yard Ramp

Copperloy manufactures their yard ramps with advantageous features, which increase overall productivity:

  • 8-Foot Level Off: Forklift access is always a concern in yard ramp design. One of the additions Copperloy ramps offer is the 8-foot-level off. This feature makes forklift access much safer and easier.
  • Hydraulic Pump Location: In contrast to other industry ramps, Copperloy designs their ramps with the hydraulic hand pump on the outside. This greatly increase the ease of use and the protection of the pump from wear and tear.
  • Low-End Plate and Safety Curb: In addition to the 8-foot-level off, Copperloy has also added the low-end plate and safety curb to their ramps to improve the status of forklift access. The safety curb is a 7-inch curb, which prevents runoff. The low-end plate is designed to be lower than the wheelbase of a forklift; thus, the front tires can reach the grating while the back wheels stay on the ground.
  • Solid/Pneumatic Tires: Copperloy ramps also improve upon tires. Many other ramps in the industry utilize air-filled ties, which require virtually constant maintenance. Copperloy yard ramps, however, employ solid/pneumatic tried with lubricated bearings, eliminating the need for constant maintenance and refilling.

Other Advantages of Copperloy Yard Ramp Products

Copperloy designs their yard ramps to maximize space, efficiency, and safety. Their focus on product quality has resulted in the development of some of the best yard ramps in the United States. The following is a list of some of the other advantages Copperloy ramps provide:

  • Easier operation – Due to the implementation of the exterior hand pump and forklift access features, Copperloy yard ramps offer much easier operation.
  • Faster raise times – Raising speed of Copperloy ramps is two-and-a-half times faster than other yard ramp equipment.
  • Less wear and tear – Unlike competing ramps, rotation is focused on the positioning sleeve rather than the ramp connection, which mitigates overall wear and tear.
  • Greater stability – Copperloy’s yard ramps include a centrally-located cylinder, which reduces the probability of tipping.

Furthermore, Copperloy offers portable yard ramps, which are capable of transforming empty spaces into freight-loading centers. Copperloy’s product offer a versatility that allows for the expansion of dock capacity and the creation of loading operations without a preexisting loading dock. These portable yard ramps provide ground-level access to buildings, trucks, and even rail cars.

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Facilities in need of an upgrade for their yard ramps should consider Copperloy products. Learn more about Copperloy on the Avanaire Design Blog or visit their website.

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