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Basement Floor Epoxy

Ohio Garage Interiors | Basement Floor Epoxy Are you looking to replace or upgrade your basement flooring? Ohio Garage Interiors offers the best basement floor epoxy in the industry. Their experience in garage design also extends to basement flooring. OGI’s basement floor epoxy is an affordable option with high durability and longevity. They are also … Continue reading “Basement Floor Epoxy”

Hal Becker, Sales Trainer Cleveland Ohio | The Becker Group

Hal Becker is a sales trainer in Cleveland, Ohio, with nationally recognized accomplishments. Becker is not only an extremely successful trainer in sales but also a widely known author and public speaker. He is the author of the book Can I Have Five Minutes of Your Time? Many corporations recognize this book as their Sales Bible. Becker also wrote … Continue reading “Hal Becker, Sales Trainer Cleveland Ohio | The Becker Group”